Take advantage of added security without adding bars to your doors and windows. Security screens provide protection while maintaining airflow and visibility. Quick-release is available for emergency egress.


Our security screens can be installed over single doors, double doors, sliding glass doors, and windows. Made with 304 high tensile strength stainless steel mesh, the screens allow for air flow while providing unobtrusive security and the added benefit of blocking 60% of harmful UV rays. The mesh is woven like a standard bug screen, but is stainless steel and attached to an aluminum frame using a patented retention system. The stainless steel mesh is powder coated in black and the frames are available in several colors to coordinate with your home. These security screens are an excellent alternative to other security options such as bars or perforated steel doors and are perfect for homeowners looking for subtlety in security.


The 304 stainless steel mesh is virtually impossible to rip out of the frame and the screens have undergone product testing in accordance with Australian Standards and American Standards for Testing and Materials.

  • Knife Shear Test AS 5041-2003
  • Dynamic Impact Test AS 5041-2003
  • Jimmy Test AS 5041-2003
  • Salt Spray Test ASTM B117


Security screens were originally designed for protection from debris in dangerous storms. When a heavy object impacts the screen, its purpose is to protect the glass behind it and prevent it from shattering and injuring the home’s occupants. This same premise is very useful in security applications. For windows that open, a quick escape panic release can be used for egress in emergency situations.

The frames are fastened into the studs of the wall for extra strength and the screens are virtually impossible to penetrate or rip out.

Multi-point locking systems come included and provide even more points of protection against forced entry.