We are an Avery Dennison Security Film Dealer offering clear and tinted security film options. The cost of security window film depends on the options chosen, the type of glass you have, and the amount of glass you want protected.

Free estimates. 

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Avery Dennison Security Film and attachment systems can be tailored to different types of glass and different levels of security needs. Contact Security Assessment Group, your burglary prevention experts, for a FREE estimate for your Las Vegas Safety & Security Window Film needs.
Avery Dennison Security Films will not make your windows bulletproof. They are designed to deter break-ins, especially opportunistic “smash & grab” burglaries. The longer it takes a criminal to gain entry, the more likely they are to give up or otherwise risk getting caught.
Installation of Avery Dennison Security Films on your home or business is a must if you want to prevent burglaries and home invasions.